Secure Biometric Solutions

Biometric systems offer the most secure, cost effective and reliable method of identification possible.

We’ve spent years making it easier to improve identification without the need for pin pads or students remembering a student identification number. You’ll become more profitable, increase cafeteria activity, and prevent fraud and bullying.

Why Biometrics?

Biometrics are SECURE

Outdated prox card and PIN identification systems do not ensure restricted access. In addition, cards and PINs can be easily lost or stolen. Biometric identifiers such as fingerprints and irises are one-of-a-kind, and cannot be guessed, stolen, shared or re-created.

Biometrics are CONVENIENT

Biometric identifiers can't be forgotten. There's nothing to carry with you and nothing to lose.

Biometrics are AFFORDABLE

There's no need to provide users with costly access cards or other expensive tokens that are easily lost. With biometrics, you can ensure your security and do so affordably.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Conventional methods for gathering time & attendance data are complex, time consuming and routinely produce inaccurate results. Such inaccuracies can cost the average U.S. business hundreds-to-thousands of dollars each month.

Access Control Solutions

Our software works seamlessly with Sagem Morpho™ biometric terminals to create a secure and comprehensive access control solution.

Simple, fast and robust, Biometric Solution gives you the power to create user groups, apply security settings, and determine user access rights to control who goes where and when. With the extensive range of user-friendly reporting options you will always know what’s going on.

Point-of-Sale Integration

The heart of Food Service Solutions' cafeteria point of sale Software, POSitive ID™ System³ is a Sagem-Morpho® biometric scanner. We chose finger biometrics because of its accuracy, speed, expandability, and cost effectiveness. Biometrics eliminates lost or forgotten swipe cards, sharing of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN's), fraudulent ID card use or exchange, and card issuing or replacement costs.

Never again will a student hold up a lunch line to search for his/her ID card, fear peer pressure for being on a Free or Reduced meal plan, or have someone else charge a meal on their account. With a Sagem Morpho biometric scanner, the student carries their ID with them at all times. In addition, both parents and students can rest assured that the biometric images cannot be used by law enforcement for identification purposes. Only a mathematical algorithm remains in the system after registration…..not fingerprint images.

What do lost cards and forgotten pins cost you per year?

Save your organization hundreds-to-thousands of dollars a year by getting rid of your outdated PIN number & card-based systems. Our biometric solution, which includes biometric fingerprint scanner and thumb print scanner devices as well as fingerscan software, allows for easy enrollment & purchasing with just a touch of a finger!

FSS™ biometric Secure-ID POS's software is tailor-made for cafeteria-based systems. Our POS systems are currently offering a biometric solution to a variety of organizations across the nation, including those in the education, government, and health care industries.

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